Finback Brewing - Beer Case (6 Beers)


  • Blueberry Drip (11.5%) – An 11.5% abv Imperial Stout ferment with blueberry, vanilla, peanut butter, and naturally processed Columbia Eduin Hernandez coffee.  Big, rich and decadent, the coffee and chocolate bring the up front flavours but the blueberry and peanut butter are noticeable but not overpowering.  Somehow all of the flavours work together beautifully, putting up a 4.3 on Untappd.
  • Cats are Forever (9.0%) – A collaboration with Miami’s Tripping Animals Brewing this is a 9% ABV DIPA dry hopped with Citra, Nelson Sauvin, 007 hops.  This beer is incredibly full bodied and just a juice bomb.  Putting up a 4.3 on Untappd.
  • Grape Crush (8.0%) – Part of Finback’s Crush series of fruited Double IPA. Grape Crush is an 8% DIPA with Concord grape juice and dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Blanc hops. The grape notes are light, coming off as almost more hop driven flavours.
  • Mind Reading (6.0%) – 6% gose with mango and peach. Tart, lightly saline, tropical, stone fruit and thirst quenching
  • Smooth Beats Miami (6.2%) – A collaboration between Finback and Florida’s J. Wakefield.  Smooth Beats Miami is a super creamy Coconut IPA, and this is not shy on the coconut.  Huge tropical fruit flavours, an IPA version of a poolside drink.
  • Standby (5.0%) – Standby lives on the line between Session IPA, Pale Ale and IPA. It’s a 5% hoppy ale that is hopped with Citra, Belma and Blanc. Meant to be a crusher, these are incredibly smooth but still with tons of flavour.

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